How we work

To be competitive it is not enough to guarantee reliability and transparency of the supply chain, which is why BF Feed Solutions offers also a pre and post sale service, providing its expertise and cunsulting to guide the customer towards the most suitable products.

Research and development

The raw materials are selected according to customers’ needs with whom a collaboration is created aimed at maximizing the quality of the service. Each sector has specific necessities therefore we have to respond in a customised way to optimize the food efficiency


Our own warehouse has a large surface that allows the storage of different raw materials for granting the customer to load more products in a single time, optimizing time and costs.

Quality Control

The raw materials are submitted to frequent quality checks to guarantee their suitability from both health and nutritional point of view, in compliance with national and European regulations and with the selection criteria of each customer.


The raw materials can be offered in different packaging or formats: 

  • Packaging: BigBags, small bags (15 kg or 25 Kg), 1000l IBC Tanks for oils;
  • Bulk: Tipper truck or silo tanks;


The flexibility in the planning of deliveries on a spot, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis is studied on the on specific needs of the customer ensuring advantages from both organizational and economic point of view.


Bf Feed Solutions manages the documentation in compliance with European regulations in the field of animal nutrition and discharge the customer from import practices, ensuring complete traceability for each product.